Cricket Stadium Thursday, January 24, 2019

Re: Cricket  Stadium

Our HOA board members attended the Allen City Council meeting on January 22, 2019, and along with speakers from the neighboring Fall Creek Community, spoke during the citizen comment portion of the meeting about concerns with the announced development on the northwest section of the Alma and Ridgeview intersection. The developer has stated that it would like to build an open air 15,000 seat cricket stadium.  The representatives of the both Waterford Crossing and Fall Creek raised concerns about disruptive noise, excessive light pollution, heavy traffic, increase in crime, and the resulting likelihood of decrease in our property values from such stadium development. 

The overwhelming sentiments were that such development would not be compatible with residential communities in such close proximity. What we learned from the city council was that the developer has not yet submitted any plans or impact studies and that the development has not yet been approved.

We believe that it is important for residents of our community to be vigilant about the process and to participate in opportunities at which we can provide our input and concerns about the development including during the city planning commission phase through the time when such plans are finally submitted to the city council.

We also welcome your comments and input to the HOA on any concerns which you may have about the proposed cricket stadium development so that we can build consensus about our concerns which we then present to the City of Allen.